Sunday, May 9, 2010

Billy Graham

Billy Graham has counseled U.S. presidents from Harry S. Truman to George W. Bush, I will not say Barack H. Obama because he just met with Mr. Graham briefly. This man has made the world a better place, he has held crusades in many countries and has led more to Christ than anyone could imagine. He is credited for helping the fall of the Berlin wall and help put an end to communism. Billy Graham could fill a football stadum to it's maximum capacity and beyond. There are many things that this man has done over the past 60 years that has impacted the world as we know it today, Billy Graham is a true patriot and hero. So why does Barack Obama reject the Graham family? When Franklin Graham (Billy Graham's son) was called to speak on the National Day of Prayer at the Pentagon, all of a sudden they resend the invitation because they were afraid that they would "Offend the Muslims", why would they do this? They haven't done this in the past when Franklin has spoken there. When president Obama went to visit Billy Graham in his home in Charlotte North Carolina, Franklin and the president talked about the National Day of Prayer and Obama said that he would look into why they resent his invitation. With Obama's power and influence, Obama should have convinced the pentagon or have had another service where Franklin Graham could pray for the nation and it's leaders. It looks like Mr. Obama doesn't like to "offend" the muslims. This administration has shown it's ignorance when it comes to religion, the United States was founded on Christian principals, it's the glue that holds this nation together. Our rights come from God, not government. Mr. Obama, you say that you are a Christian so take my advice and stand up for them, also please give Billy Graham, his family, and his ministry some respect. God Bless the United States of America!!!