Friday, April 9, 2010


STUPID STUPAK IS NOT SEEKING RE-ELECTION!!! Now before you get all excited....I have a theory. He will be working for Mr. Hussein, no no not Saddam Hussein, but our president B. Hussein. With all of the cronies Obama has placed in DC, I wonder why not put him in Obama's cabinet? Well my friends, America is waking up to the Democrat's corrupt ways and is not standing for it. But, there are many that are still asleep (clueless to what is going on and could care less) so I would like for you to help me and others wake these people up. We will take back our country one step at a time starting in November of this year. So Americans, stand up and fight back. Let us go back to a time when our nation was highly respected, like it was under the presidency of Ronald Wilson Reagan. We deserve better!